Real Estate And Construction Function

The real estate and construction business is might be the type of business that has promising profit yet many are hesitant to get into the business for the risk that could be bigger than the profit. Real Estate Agents Cameron Park Even when real estate and construction is different, both is the same purpose of housing and providers of shelter, one of the main needs of human being. With its activities as one element or elements of the development of housing, a real estate and construction have the following functions:

1. As planners (designer). Real estate plan and design their own housing projects to be implemented, the following facilities and infrastructure that must be provided.

2. As a control (supervisor). Real estate can supervise all the activities and the course of development of housing projects that occur in the field by the construction.

3. As a builder. As the organiser of the construction of housing, then real estate should be able to do their own construction of housing projects, including the issue of cost is borne alone.

4. As Sales (manufacturer). In the housing market, the product to the consumer, the real estate as the producer has the authority to sell, to market them at prices determined, along with mortgage facilities and interest rates as well as the advantages to the developers themselves.

A Real Estate in construction activity requires approval by the city government for approval in the form of a draft Planning Permission plot roads and utility networks must exist. There are three stages of licensing, namely:

1. Licensing General Plan after reviewing by the Agency for Urban Design.

2. Formal approval for Land Planning Engineering, including restrictions on land use both individual and public.

3. Securing Real Estate Contracts between the sub-contracts that should be known by the government both in quality and quantity as part and construction supervision.

Effect of environmental requirements (Environmental Impact Statement) in order to maintain harmony and preservation of the ecological environment, real estate must submit data as follows:

a. Project description.

b. Environmental influences on geographical conditions, soil, noise, air, air quality, water quality, vegetation and animal life, open space and environmental preservation.

c. Influence of development that cannot be avoided.

d. Efforts should be made to reduce the negative effects of development.

e. Proposed environmental improvement.

f. Relationships long-term use.

g. The capability of the replacement sources is damaged by the construction so that the ecological environment is maintained.